Void & New Tenant Management

Utility Renewals Ltd work in partnership with a number of housing groups to provide completely free void and new tenant management services.  

We manage over 200,000 properties for the housing groups we work with.

In 2019, we processed in excess of 5,000 voids...

And saved tenants an average of £227 on their annual energy bills.

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What Is A Void Property?

A void property is a property that is to be left vacant for a period of time. 

This is usually either when one tenant has vacated a property and a new tenant has not yet signed for it, or when maintenance work is required that means a tenant cannot safely live there.

Why Do You Need Someone To Manage Your Void Properties?

Quite simply, void properties equate to lost revenue, therefore, as a housing association, your priority is no doubt to ensure that the turnaround time between tenants is as short as possible...

Dealing with void properties can often be a long and tedious process, which generates significant amounts of extra administration for your workforce. At Utility Renewals Ltd we have a dedicated team of people who can manage this process on your behalf. Having already established strong relationships with the majority of energy suppliers, we are able to make this process as quick, seamless and hassle free as possible, ultimately saving you both time and money. 


Save Time

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