Void Property Management

At Utility Renewals Ltd, our Voids Management Team will manage your void property process, with the main aim always being to get your void property back on the market as quickly as possible and in turn maximise rental income. 


Transfer of Tenancy

On receipt of void property details, our voids management team will immediately notify the existing energy supplier and transfer the account into the correct name, ensuring both yourselves and your tenants only pay for the energy you are responsible for.

RTI Codes

We will provide RTI codes to clear debt from pre-payment meters  within 24 hours of receipt of void property details, ensuring any essential maintenance works can be carried out as quickly as possible without interruption. 

Preferred Supplier

We switch all void properties to SSE  within 7 days  of notification. We have direct access to our own dedicated account manager, who fully understands the nature of our business, meaning any  issues are resolved as quickly and simply as possible

Secure Supplier Portal

New void / tenant details can be submitted via your own personalised form on our secure portal, providing a streamlined process, ensuring all required information is received consistently and accurately in the first instance, allowing us to process the information as quickly as possible with minimal complications.

Smart Meter Rollout

Our preferred supplier aims to replace all pre-payment and credit meters with smart meters, eliminating the need to submit meter readings, resulting in more accurate billing for you and your tenants and meaning that any issues can more often than not be resolved remotely.

Same Day Engineer

Finding your void property has a meter that has either been broken, tampered with or stolen is not an uncommon occurrence, but can cause major disruption to your plans. We aim to get an engineer out the same day, or next day at the latest, ensuring the supply to your property is up and running as quickly as possible.

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What Is The Process?

Your only responsibility within the entire process is to initially provide our team with a number of details about the new void property, via our secure portal. We will handle every other aspect of the process on your behalf. 

We keep a secure record of all your properties, so we can refer to these in future, add new ones with ease, or even produce reports at your request. 

Utility Renewals Ltd are paid a fixed fee from our suppliers, meaning that the service is completely free to you. 

Arrange a call back today and one of our experts will give you a call at your preferred time to discuss how we can help you and your tenants.